It is an assumption, possibly even a myth, that all students come into a class prepared to learn in whatever environment the university provides. I grew up in the heart of the Chequamegon National Forest where my parents homeschooled me. My entire education before starting college took place everywhere except a classroom...


This section leads to a page with descriptions for each of the courses I have taught, my role as a TA in an Arthurian literature course, and my experience working in Writing Centers. 

F2F Materials

This page includes in-class activities that I have used in composition courses and can be adapted for literature and other courses that use material culture to teach the course content


The download below includes both activities. They can be downloaded individually on the F2F activities page.

Online Materials

This page includes a few materials I have created as we have made the shift online following the outbreak of COVID-19. I am currently working to develop this page but hope in the meantime to provide some resources for other teachers looking for ideas for teaching composition (or anything) online.