Multimodal Access

When making the switch to online, I immediately began thinking about access -- how do I make sure my students can access this course considering all the potential barriers posed by such an abrupt change? 


Here I share a few of the resources I have been using to help make the content I post for my students accessible in multiple ways. For anything that I explain on my course page, I try to make a video explanation and include either a PowerPoint or document that correlates with equivelant information. Students who prefer to stream can watch/listen to the video while students who prefer text can download or read the document on their browswer (or some combination of both). I've recently begun using a web captioner for my videos as well (although the video below does not include this, unfortunately!) Of course, simply offering a few different modalities does not make my content entirely accessible--for example, students still require Internet access, etc. But these are just a couple things I have tried to do so that their experience interacting with the content can be as flexible to their learning styles as possible. 

Below I have posted some of the content I have made to show how I try to make the content for a class multimodal. As I create more content and recieve feedback from my students about what works and what doens't work, I'll work on updating this page!  

Downloadable text-only document 

Loom Video