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Lake at Dusk

About Me

I am a PhD canidate and composition instructor in the English department at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. My research takes a postcolonial approach to examine the ways race, gender, and national origin in nineteenth century children’s texts—or texts featuring children—shaped the arguments of human rights activists within abolitionist and Native American rights movements. As a teacher, I am always actively seeking ways to develop and encorporate anti-racist teaching methods, approaches, and materials into each of my courses. 

My family name means small mountain. For them, I persist and climb. 

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PhD Canidate at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

2024 (Anticipated)

I am in the English Literature and Cultural Theory track with an emphasis in British Literature and Culture of the Nineteenth Century. My background in postcolonial from the UMD has continued with my studies at the UWM, and guides my approach to reading the arguments of authors who contributed to anti-slavery reform movements in Britian and the US.

Instructor in Literature and Composition

August 2017 - Present

E215 Introduction to English Sudies

E100 Introduction to College Reading and Writing 

E101 Introduction to College Writing 
E102 Introduction to College Research and Writing

WRIT 1120 College Research and Writing

E1513 King Arthur in Literature, History, and Culture

Writing Center Tutor

Janruary 2017 - Present

I have worked one on one with students and faculty writers at the UWM Writing Center (2019-Present) and UMD Writers Workshop (2017-2019).